Know anyone who might be interested? Are you a teacher and passionate about children especially those with special needs? come join us! 4 Teachers ( Lower Primary) 4 Teachers ( Upper Primary) 2 Special Needs Teachers

We’re hiring now!!!

Are you in the health sector and passionate about building a better and safer Uganda for children with special needs and their families? Come join us ! Special Children’s Trust Uganda seeks to recruit  qualified team members to fill the positions below; Medical Doctor(1) Clinical Officer(1) Laboratory Technician(1) Pharmacy Technician(1) Midwife (1) Psychiatric Nurse (1)...
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When someone believes in me…I can!

Why do we promote inclusion? Inclusion is not about tolerating each other, but about giving every child an opportunity to access the services they need, including education in whichever form it takes. Some children will thrive, some children will push the boundaries of academic achievement because someone chose to believe in them. For other children...
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Reading and Learning Without Worksheets

Wow, wow, wow. At the start of term three our teachers and children have been so busy with lots of new activities, as well as making sure activities like reading are consistent and not forgotten. We kicked off the term with two major activities. The first was our Sponsored Readathon. In order to raise money...
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Liz Tungate

I first came to Dawn in May 2012 as a student Occupational Therapist; I worked for six weeks with the team and children at Dawn. Within the six weeks I was carrying out therapy with the children at Dawn, aiming to improve quality of life, Independence and overall health and well-being. During this time I...
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Liz Grover

It is extremely hard to put into words what these 6 weeks in Uganda has meant to me. I have always had a heart for pediatrics, which is why I chose to pursue physical therapy in the first place. And before I even started PT school, I knew that volunteering after graduation was something I...
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Denali Jepsen

Volunesia (noun): that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours.” After arriving back in the states Sunday afternoon, I finally have a few moments to reflect on my 6-week experience in Uganda. I was asked last night what the single best highlight of my trip was… It wasn’t...
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Ami Bickerstaffe

My Time At Dawn I first spent time at the Dawn centre for my 6 Week Elective Placement during my final year studying Occupational Therapy. During this short time, I developed such a love and passion for both the centre and Uganda, and decided to return to the centre in December 2013, to volunteer as...
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We Graduated!

On 10th December 2016 Dawn Children’s Centre had our end of year Christmas Party and Graduation ceremony. The children spent all term preparing and rehearsing presentations for their parents in music, singing, dancing and drama. We had a great day filled with fun, laughter and joy and the kids did a great job. We are...
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