We Graduated!

On 10th December 2016 Dawn Children’s Centre had our end of year Christmas Party and Graduation ceremony. The children spent all term preparing and rehearsing presentations for their parents in music, singing, dancing and drama. We had a great day filled with fun, laughter and joy and the kids did a great job. We are so proud of them.

That same day also saw our Top Class Graduation in a lovely ceremony, complete with cap and gown. It was a pleasure and a joy to see our children, both with and without special needs, marching out together in front of the parents to receive certificates presented by our guest of honour, Mr Samuel Mayanja, Chairman of the Special Children’s Trust Board.

The parents were so happy, some to the point of being made speechless by how amazing these children are, how much they have grown and how far they have come. Our graduating class presented a poem to the parents about education, that at Dawn Centre education is not just about learning to read and write, but also about discovering who you are and learning to appreciate the world around you, as well as the people you meet. That we are all different but we all deserve a place of love and respect in this world.

We are very proud of our children and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them as they continue to grow.


“Education is not just about math and science, or learning how to read and write,

Education is learning who I am, What my talents are, What my interests are.

Education is learning how the world works and how I fit into the world.

Education is learning how to experiment and explore.


Education is learning that you don’t have to walk, feel or act the same. That people come in different shapes, sizes and colours, but they all deserve love, respect and acceptance just like me.


Thank you Mummy and Daddy for giving me a chance to get an education. With all that I have learnt I will flourish, change Uganda and the world. For my Education is for a life time”

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