Who We Are

Our Vision:

To Build a Better and Safer Uganda for Children with disabilities.

Our Mission:

Reaching out in love, offering hope, and Restoring dignity to children with disabilities in Uganda.


The Special Children’s Trust is a charity organization based in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. We have both CBO (Community Based Organization) and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) status.

CBO Reg No: NAK/11/065
NGO Reg No: S.5914/9715

The Special Children’s Trust is a hybrid social enterprise serving children with disabilities and their families in Uganda, providing holistic and comprehensive quality services that are highly subsidized or free of charge to ensure that no child is excluded.

The overall aim of SCT is to ‘Make Uganda a Better and Safer place for children with disabilities.’


  • DAWN CHILDREN'S CENTRE THIRD TERM ENDS ON 23rd April, 2021......... FIRST TERM STARTS ON 17th May, 2021