When someone believes in me…I can!

Friends working together

Why do we promote inclusion? Inclusion is not about tolerating each other, but about giving every child an opportunity to access the services they need, including education in whichever form it takes. Some children will thrive, some children will push the boundaries of academic achievement because someone chose to believe in them. For other children academics may be more difficult. Does that mean we give up on them? It certainly doesn’t.
Inclusion is aimed at finding something for everyone, with the end goal of….becoming valued members of the community. It takes time, patience and a lot of trials, especially with younger children to identify what their gifts or talents are and their areas of skill, passion and interest as they are still growing and developing who they are.

Learning new skills

That’s why this year SCT have introduced a competency based learning curriculum, where children with and without special needs are learning a variety of skills alongside their academics, according to their abilities.
So far we have introduced a number of vocational skills including, gardening, beading, door mats and other crafts to enhance hands on 
learning, practical skills and interest.

Gardening improves their understanding of garden tools, planting from preparing the soil and the process of plant growth, whilst beading and other crafts develops understanding of concepts such as colours, patterns, counting,

Modelling our handiwork

symmetry and others. And all are promoting development of cognitive function, fine motor skills and hand function, as well as communication and social interaction.

Our beans are growing


Planting seeds









According to the enthusiasm and engagement of the children so far it is a huge success and they are extremely excited to see the fruits of their learning. With time we hope children will be able to start identifying areas of passion and skill