What We Do

SCT provides services directly through Mukisa Foundation in Lungujja, Dawn Children’s Centre in Bukoto, and in collaboration with more than 80 Organizations to provide Education, Health care, Advocacy and Awareness, Resource mobilization and Capacity building for parent, teachers, health workers leaders and like-minded organizations.

With a staff team of 65 and a number of volunteers, SCT uses a unique child centered 360 model which focuses on all aspects of the child that usually present as barriers to the child’s social inclusion and participation to their God given potential.

SCT not only believes that every child is a precious gift that has to be given the opportunity to Explore, Learn and Flourish, but also that empowering children to reach their full potential is such a huge and important role that cannot be achieved by one individual organization. This is the reason why SCT is at the forefront of building a support network of organizations and individuals called ‘The Special Children’s Forum’ where members meet regularly to share experiences, and support one another.

SCT also conducts regular media outreach campaigns, and meets actively with legislators in Parliament, Government Officials, Parents, Community Leaders as well as Service Providers to ensure that children with disability are catered for at all levels of society.

Every year for the last six years, SCT has held an Awareness and Fun Day for children with disabilities that brings together children, families, leaders and well-wishers to create more awareness, as well as showcase the abilities of the children. In the last year over 1000 children from different organizations participated in an awareness march, music, dance, sports and other fun activities.