Thank You Mr. Vice President

The Vice President, His Excellency Edward Ssekandi, sent a representative to attend our Annual Awareness and Fun Day in July 2016 and to address our parents and children on his behalf. They talked about the establishing of a new National Children’s Authority, which will be responsible for all issues concerning children in Uganda, including children with disability.

On Monday 19th September 2016 we conducted a follow up visit with His Excellency Edward Ssekandi to present him with a gift on behalf of Special Children’s Trust for honouring our invitation to the 4th Annual Awareness and Fun Day and for his promise to take children with disability into consideration under the new children’s authority.

We discussed the representation of stakeholders for children with disabilities within this new authority and some of the challenges that are faced by Organisations working with children with disabilities, due to the lack of implementation of laws and policies concerning such children, such as inclusive education.

The Vice President pledged his full support to furthering our cause and promised to work alongside stakeholders to take action in making Uganda better and safer for children with special needs. We thank the Vice President for his acknowledgement of the challenges and needs of children with disabilities in this country and hope we can work together to bring about change.

  • Dawn Children's Centre Term 3 2019 begins on September 23rd.