School Trip To The Farm

It was a sunny morning and we were all so excited about our school trip. We were jumping up and down and making so much noise that our teachers had to ask us to calm down. Before we left our teachers explained to us again about the different animals we were going to see, rabbits, goats, pigs, fish, chickens and cows. Teachers and children were all assigned special friends for the day and we were told to keep close to our special friends to keep safe.

There was a big bus waiting outside for us. It was so big. We climbed inside one by one. Some of our friends had to be carried because they find it hard to sit alone, but we were not going to leave anyone behind. Everyone had to come. Once everyone was inside the big door closed and we waved goodbye to school as we pulled out onto the main road. We were so excited talking all the way to the farm about what we were going to see.

When we reached the farm we all got out and waited together as everyone organized themselves. The farm was too bumpy and paths were too narrow for wheelchairs so some of the teachers had to carry our friends on their backs. No one was forgotten or left out. We saw the cows first. They were so big. Some of us jumped when the big cow shook its head and some of us were even able to feed the cow some long grass. It moved its mouth in a very funny way when it chewed the grass.

After that we passed the goats and the gardens where vegetables were growing. Then we came to the smaller animals. One of the farm workers brought a guinea pig out of its hut and started playing with it. We were all laughing. He even put the guinea pig on his head and we all laughed even louder. He tried to give the guinea pig to one of our friends but she screamed because the guinea pig was all hairy and had very small claws. Another friend held the guinea pig instead and couldn’t stop laughing. He told us its little feet were tickling his hands.

They also brought a little rabbit out of a hut for us to see and showed us the safe way to hold him so we didn’t hurt him. We thought one of our friends was going to take a bite and we all shouted ‘noooooo,’ but she was trying to give the baby rabbit a kiss. We even got to hold chickens and little fish. The fish were so slippery and when one of us let go of a chicken and it ran away one of our teachers screamed loudly and ran away too. We all laughed at her because she was scared of the chicken.

When we were finished seeing all the animals we got back into the bus and went to Kiwatule Recreation Centre. We enjoyed a long time of fun and used a lot of energy on the playground, laughing and playing, climbing, swinging and sliding. We even watched one of the park keepers feeding the fish in the pond. Everyone got a chance to play. Some of the teachers even sat on the swings or the slides with some of our friends to help them balance. We all had so much fun. Lunch was delicious, we were all so hungry after playing and running around and we cut birthday cake with one of our friends, singing happy birthday for him very loudly so everyone could hear.

To end a perfect day we all piled into the mini steam train at the Recreation Centre before going home. All of us from Dawn Children’s Centre and all our friends from Mukisa Foundation together for a train ride. It was such a fun day filled with laughter, friendship and good memories. Everyone was able to participate in the fun and we went home tired and happy.

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