Who We Are

About Dawn

Dawn Children’s Centre was established in July 2008 as a Neuro Developmental and Day Care Centre for children with Special Needs and developmental delay.

Dawn was set up with the purpose of supporting working parents who have children with special needs, providing quality care for their child within the centre and providing the parents with the information and resources they require to understand and handle their child’s condition effectively.

In January 2012, Dawn expanded and grew to include Kindergarten classes and in 2016, started Primary Classes. The vision of Dawn Children’s Centre is to see children with Special needs and those without learning, growing and flourishing together to their full potential in an environment free of barriers and prejudices.

We hope that these children will be a beacon of hope and change for an inclusive Uganda.

  • December 1st: Dawn Children's Centre celebrating 10 years and vision casting
  • December 6th and 7th; Parents Days at Dawn Children's Centre
  • December 13th; Dawn Children's Centre Christmas Party and End of 3rd Term
  • December 20th; Mukisa Foundation Christmas Party and End of 3rd Term
  • January 28th 2019; Dawn Children's Centre opens for First Term