Ami Bickerstaffe

My Time At Dawn

I first spent time at the Dawn centre for my 6 Week Elective Placement during my final year studying Occupational Therapy. During this short time, I developed such a love and passion for both the centre and Uganda, and decided to return to the centre in December 2013, to volunteer as a Qualified Occupational Therapist for three months. My role within the centre allowed me to be involved with each aspect of the children’s daily routine and care, through providing therapy to enable each child to reach developmental milestones and become more independent in selfcare, play and feeding activities.

My experience at Dawn was made so special by the caring, committed and welcoming staff, the
amazing children and the opportunity to explore and understand such a beautiful country. I
would highly recommend this experience to anyone, and truly believe that the Dawn Centre is
helping to change life as a Disabled child in Uganda for the better, with its unique and powerful

  • DAWN CHILDREN'S CENTRE THIRD TERM ENDS ON 23rd April, 2021......... FIRST TERM STARTS ON 17th May, 2021