About Mukisa

Our vision:

Children with special needs in families and communities that are empowered to access and provide all the support the children need to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission(s):

For the children:

  • To facilitate holistic growth and development for children with special needs
  • To create an environment that nurtures holistic growth and development

For the families:

  • To support and empower families who have children with special needs
  • To strengthen family units that will enable families with special needs lead purposeful lifes to their full potential.

For the communities:

  • To build the capacity of both community leaders and members in the care and inclusion of children with special needs and their families
  • To facilitate mindset change towards disability


For service providers:

  • To create a platform for sharing knowledge and skills among service providers
  • To link the children with special needs and their families to the different available services
  • DAWN CHILDREN'S CENTRE THIRD TERM ENDS ON 23rd April, 2021......... FIRST TERM STARTS ON 17th May, 2021