Berakhah Medical Centre

Wakiso Town Council has a population of approximately 500,000 people with only two reputable health centres, one government and another private. Both health centres are currently overwhelmed by the large number of people hence long queues that deter people of Wakiso to seek timely medical care. This has resulted into complications and deaths amongst the population. Furthermore, these centres do not have specialised healthcare services required by the populace which forces them to travel long distances to seek the services from hospitals in the nearby Districts.

The special children’s trust in partnership with Mukisa Foundation has established Berakhah Medical Centre (BMC) to bridge this huge gap by improving access to quality, affordable and holistic health care services for marginalised groups especially women and children. Berakah is a Hebrew word for ‘Blessings’ or ‘Praise’

Our offer is a client centred approach to primary healthcare and specialised services with a special emphasis on Maternal and child health. The goal is to prevent infant and maternal mortality, Screen and prevent disability as well as offer early intervention solutions for children found to have a disability or any complication.

Berakhah is all about relationship. Every client has unique health needs, and we aim to partner with each of them to achieve their desire of holistic health and wellbeing. We especially purpose to start with the young woman of reproductive age, through conception, pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal services all the way till the child is two years old. We aim to be hospital of choice to all families and entire community in Wakiso town council.

Our services include:

  1. Primary health care (General medical conditions)
  2. Ante and Postnatal services
  3. Specialised services such as Gynae and Obstetrics, paediatrics, Urology , Cancer screening, Counselling and Psychiatry)
  4. Rehabilitation and Therapy services (free for children)
  5. Wheelchairs and other Assistive devices
  6. Diagnostics: Ultrasound and top of the range Laboratory services

Berakhah’s doors are open to every client regardless of economic status. Everyone from the high end, and affluent client to the one from the lowest economic status. They all receive and enjoy equal healthcare services

Berakhah is governed by a well experienced and competent board of directors with diversified expertise composed of a doctor, an accountant, two legal personnel and a management consultant with over 10 years’ vast experience supported by a competent and professional medical and non-medical team that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the clientele.